Terms and Conditions

Cancellation of one off and taster lessons

One off and taster lessons can be rescheduled provided that we receive at least 48 hours notice.

Cancellation of a weekly term time lesson

We do our level best to make up lessons missed due to sickness, holiday or school/business events. Whilst we cannot guarantee this, the more notice given helps us to try to provide an alternative. We book make up lessons up to seven days in advance and apply the same cancellation policy to these lessons as to one off and taster lessons.

Cancellation of lesson due to unavailability of the teacher

If a teacher is unavailable to take the lesson , we will offer an an alternative time. If this does not suit the student, we will make a full refund for the lesson.



Payment is due in advance and should be made securely online via our website www.instrumentally.co.uk or directly to our bank account details of which can be found on our website.



We review our prices annually and notify our students more than four weeks prior to the end of the Summer Term of any changes which will come into effect on September 1st.


Termination notice

You can give notice that you do not want to continue with weekly term time lessons up to four weeks before the end of term. Our term dates are published on our website www.instrumentally.co.uk. We are unable to accept late notice under any circumstances and 50% of the fees for the following term will be payable even if the student does not attend lessons. 



Notice of lesson cancellation or termination should be made via email to info@instrumentally.co.uk